Behind the camera

I started photographing weddings because I’m captured by the fascination of this special day. A day full of emotion, good vibes and unique moments. As unique as the couples. It’s my purpose & ambition to create timeless and authentic photos that last a lifetime and can be passed down over generations: to tell the stories of people and to bring back joyful memories.

Since my early photographing days I specialized in shooting hybrid - combining digital and film photography with a fine art approach. Through my experience with shooting film, I learned how to use natural light and "paint with it" and that photography is not about pushing a button, but more about feeling the and being in the moment.

A wedding is one of the most special days in a couple’s life. I had the honor to be part of many couples’ big days for many years now. I would love to find out more about you and tell your love story with my pictures...

There is something so wonderful about capturing real, authentic photographs in a fine art approach. Real emotions, natural shots, soft shades, amazing bright and creamy colors – that is what characterizes fine art wedding photography. Wedding photos should not follow any trends. The results of this unique day should create joy and be looked at with pleasure even after many years. Melanie Nedelko Fine Art Photography is known for her defined aesthetic approach and timeless storytelling of beautiful events of love, moments to remember, style and unique memories.

The fine art approach